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dinsdag 17 april 2012


Is me Again !

I will Share with you my kawaii jewelry
, I found them so cute,
almost every I purchase at Claire's Boutique.
I show you that I use more, I put on my bed to make them look better.
I Hope you find them cute too and say it in comments.PhotobucketSee you Soon


Kitty Bear emoticon Konnichiwa !

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The Popular Band 2NE1 will be appairing as Ambassador of Kpop at the Cannes Lions International Advertising in Juni 2012.( 17-23)
The group will explain to experts in the advertising and communications industries the increasing popularity of Korean Pop Music around the World.
2NE1 was chosen by French kpop fans as the most favorable among many Korean pop music artists, winning 64% of the votes from a government poll.
Bravo Girls , we Love You. Kitty Bear emoticonPhotobucketSee You Later !


Kitty Bear emoticonHello again !
I show here a good video of what it was when Music Bank came to Paris on 8 February , 2012.
They said that would come to Brussels, but they didn't come.
I hope you enjoy the video.
See you Later kawaigirlfemoticon


Konnichiwa !!

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Here I am again to Show you Ameba Pigg Virtual World in Japan.
I’ve been enjoying the game however because it is super kawaii and love meeting all the Japanese people. There are quite a few who do speak some English and would love to practice it with you which is seriously fun.
See You Soon


Hello my Friends !

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Happy to be here with you again, I 've missed you so much. Many People ask me over the game.
From Cyberagent in Japan comes a Faczebook application (game) called Ameba Pico, but yo ucan play without facebook too.
Thanks to cute
kawaigirlfemoticoncartoon characters and anime movies, Pico is my Best game.
The game is free and pay real money for virtual goods.
People can chat in a variety of language ( french,spanish ...)
It's very Fun
Here are a few fun things you can do:
/zzz – puts your character to sleep
/sit – makes your pico sit on the floor
/stand – makes your pico stand up
/nekohebi – makes a cute kitty
/hungry – knife and fork
/thumb – thumbs up pix
/kiss – lips pix
/min – mini-me
/panda – panda pix
/heart – heart pix
I own Medical Center, the First Hospital In Pico World. I hope you can visit it and put my room in yours Favorites.
I Hope you Like it and say it in your comments
See You Soon