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woensdag 17 april 2013

BIGBANG & G-DRAGON on World Music Awards!

Hello my Lovely Friends!

I am back and I miss you so much 
I shall begin for this good news :) 

BIGBANG and G-DRAGON have been selected as nominees for this global music awards,
World Music Awards.

The World Music Awards is an awards ceremony given to artists all around the world and
also an event that was established in 1989.
This will be aired throughout 160 countries including territories like US, Asia and Europe.

Since BIGBANG and G-DRAGON have been nominated for this global music awards,
we ask for your keen attention and active voting participations in order for them to
achieve good results!

(The voting will be proceeded until the day re-fixed for the 23rd World Music Awards
due to the delay owing to local circumstances beyond control.)
 Vote Vote for BIGBANG and G-DRAGON. 
We Love you Boys  Kitty Bear emoticonPhotobucket

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